Adjustable Multi-Function Pot Rack Multilayer Kitchen Rack

  • ₱899.00
  • Save ₱301

Unlike traditional racks, It has 4 height-adjustable shelves that allow you to configure your pan pot storage to fit your needs. It can be calibrated to accommodate to fit your cookware like pan, pot, or saucepan. this pot rack is very convenient and allows good access to pots while keeping your kitchen pots organized.


  • Color: blue, green, rose red, white
  • Material: iron (chrome + rust-proof coating), ABS (heat-resistant temperature 80 C),
  • Carrying weight: about 5 kg
  • Product size: 450 * 250 * 300MM


1. Convenience: stent size and orderly, easy to clean sanitary appearance, stainless steel fillet design, more humane.
2. Durability: chrome-plated stainless steel, with a scientific design to ensure durability.
3. Diversity: both horizontal, but also erected, the use of diversification.
4. Space saving: one can hang more than a pot and lid, orderly display, thereby saving the desktop space.

Note: The packaging box has a positive display instructions, the back of the assembly instructions.

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