Coffee and Tea Pot with Strainer (700ml)

  • ₱999.00
  • Save ₱400

Tea had always been a necessity to many and sometimes making a flawless tea is difficult. With this teapot, making tea is a piece of cake. It has a removable strainer that strains your tea as you Make it. Its sleek feature makes it handy and its glass body makes your tea visible as you make it.
  • Control the strength of your drinks easily.Glass face lets you see your drink brewing
  • Perfect tea or coffee everytime.Removable infuser making it easy to clean.This fantastic stainless steel and glass teapot is an ideal addition to any home or office.
  • The removal infuser enables you to control the strength of your tea or coffee easily..With a glass body, this teapot allows you to watch your tea brew and see how strong you're tea will be. Simply add the tea leaves to the filter and add hot water.
  • When finished, the filter is removable so cleaning after use is easy!Pick your capacity from the drop down box and enjoy a better quality tea with these infusers.

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