Egg Sitter Honeycomb Gel Breathable Back Support Seat Mat

  • ₱1,499.00
  • Save ₱400

This egg sitter is designed for maximum relief and comfort that extends sitting even in long hours of drive. It is made of elastic gel polymer making it comfortable to sit on. Honeycomb design allows air to circulate underneath that makes it stay cool to the touch.

It promotes excellent blood circulation for long hours in an office chair, wheel chair, car, bench or plane seat. Built with each customer in mind to not only relieve stress, but promote healthy posture, weight distribution, and ease of movement.  Cushion includes Non-Slip, Washable Cover with in-seam handle to make transporting and storing the cushion incredibly easy. Whether using every day, or if you want to leave one in the car for the occasional long drive, the cover provides excellent protection for the gel structures.


  • Egg Sitter Gel Flex Seat
  • Cushion Breathable Honeycomb Design Absorbs
  • Pressure Points Support Cushion Good Sitting Posture
  • Package Included:1*Egg sitter
  • Measures 15-inches X 16.5-inches



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