Reversible Double Couch Cover + FREE 2 Pieces Refrigerator Organizer Space Saver Shelves

  • ₱1,899.00
  • Save ₱1,501

Reversible Double Couch Cover


  • Repels spills
  • Stops stains
  • Denies dirt
  • Reversible
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable
  • Fits up to 92" long sofa
  • Seating area: 55 inches
  • Including arm rest: 95 inches (21 inches each arm rest)


Refrigerator Organizer Space Saver Shelves


  • It can be used as food container, drinks, egg holder, ideally sized to fit all types of fridge and freezer kitchen appliances. The Storage Bins can not only be used for fridge organizer but also perfect for living room, dressing room to place your remote control, snacks, toiletry, makeup, pens or cell phone. It's easy to lose track of freeze food, stored in bulk. This storage set is the perfect solution to organize your emergency food stock, extra baby food or bulk meat Its sliding drawer doesn't take up a lot of space between the two slides in the refrigerator.

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