Reversible Double Couch Cover + FREE Happy Call Double Face Grill Pan

  • ₱2,599.00
  • Save ₱2,301

Reversible Double Couch Cover


  • Repels spills
  • Stops stains
  • Denies dirt
  • Reversible
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable
  • Fits up to 92" long sofa
  • Seating area: 55 inches
  • Including arm rest: 95 inches (21 inches each arm rest)


Happy Call Double Face Grill Pan


  • If flipping fried fish seems like a herculean task to you then the Happy Call Double Pan must be heaven-sent to you. Made of high-quality die-cast aluminum the Happy Call Double Pan makes frying easier than ever. It is a pan that has another pan for a lid which effectively traps heat inside the pan making the cooking process faster. Plus both sides conduct heat so there is no need to flip the food. You can also cook healthier meals because you dont have to use oil. Aside from frying you can also broil grill and steam in this creative pan. Versatile and helpful the Happy Call Double Pan is an asset for your kitchen. Get it for your home and enjoy its numerous benefits.

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