Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

  • ₱499.00
  • Save ₱400

Sauna Suit allows you to quickly begin sweating and sweat for longer periods of time. Sweating will help your body lose water and toxins that are in the water. The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you are taking in and the Sauna Suits helps you do that by getting rid of the calories through sweating.


The loose fitting design features elastic cuffs, waist, neck, and arms to allow you move freely as you wear it. Made of soft vinyl fabric, the suit is lightweight and washable. This sauna suit is a good and inexpensive alternative to purchasing or using a traditional sauna. If used with care, it can be a great addition to anyone's workout routine. Keep in mind that because you are sweating a lot while wearing a sauna suit, it is critical to be careful in order to prevent dehydration. Remember to drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated!


  • Water-proof soft vinyl fabric
  • Helps you sweat to flush out calories
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Unisex

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